Monday, December 1, 2008

HOWTO: Make the perfect office mocha

First off I'm not going to get into the discussion of what a "mocha" is. If you are going to go all high brow on me and start complaining that there is no espresso in this drink then just go away now, this post is not for you.

These are desperate times with limited low quality supplies, and our goal is to make the best tasting chocolate flavored coffee beverage possible from what we can scrounge from the break room.

  • Coffee
  • Hot Chocolate Mix
  • Half and Half
  • Begin preparing a new batch of "delicious" Newport coffee. 
  • Empty the Smiss Miss hot Chocolate powder (make sure you get the one with sugar, not the "No sugar added" stuff) into the styrofoam cup.
  • Add five (5), no more no less, of the Mini Moo's Half and Half to the hot chocolate mix
  • Stir mixture with a red coffee stirrer until well combined.
  • Add freshly brewed coffee to fill the cup and stir to mix.
  • DO NOT use the white coffee stirrers, they are too weak and will bend and frustrate you. I reccomend using two white stirrers held together if a red one can not be found.
  • DO experiment with different flavors of coffee. The hazelnut blend tastes great with the chocolate flavor.
  • DO NOT use any more or less than 5 of those little tubs of Half and Half. 5 tubs is the perfect amount.
  • DO NOT put the coffee in the cup first, it is too dificult to mix the cocoa powder evenly, and you lose out on the foam created when you mix it beforehand.

Pictures to come when I get around to bringing my camera into work.